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Can you help? A widow lost her late husband’s wedding ring on Monday night and has appealed for the public’s help to find it


44-yr-old Suzanne Grellety was attending St Vincent’s Hospital in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 on Monday for a scan. When she left the hospital, she realsied she had lost her late husband Oliver’s wedding ring.

The 38-yr-old died in March 2014 in a tragic boating accident in the South of France. Since Oliver’s death, Suzanne has worn his wedding ring on a chain around her neck.

“I was very, very lucky to be married to Olivier. The ring helped so much. When I hold the ring I feel comforted. When I’m sad or lonely, it makes me feel better. The first thing I do in the morning is kiss it. I went to kiss it this morning and it wasn’t there.”


Suzanne believes the clasp on her chain may have opened as she crossed the road from the hospital to the well known Merrion Tesco shopping centre which is basically just opposite the entrance of the hospital.
“I had to take it off in Vincent’s for the scan. I’ve worn it since he died. It’s been my talisman. It gives me comfort. I like to have it on me. I travel a lot and I have it with me all of the time.”, she told the Irish Independent.

“As I was walking down the stairs in Vincent’s, I checked that I had put it on me because it’s so important to me and then I went to Tesco. I only realised an hour later when I got home to Bray that it was gone.”

“I literally got down on my hands and knees and checked under every single shelf in Tesco but I couldn’t find anything.I contacted gardai in Donnybrook and they put it in their system. The next morning I got to Vincent’s before light, before the cars came in to the city, I searched the gutters, searched the roads, searched everywhere.”

Suzanne described her husband as a hero and a wonderful man:
“He was a wonderful guy. I feel that he died a hero because he was trying to save his friend who died with him.”
“Literally the weekend before he died, I texted him and said ‘what about this seven year itch’, we’re grand,” she joked.
“The ring’s value to me is indescribable. It’s worth nothing to anyone except to me. It’s battered. It’s been hugged and touched a lot, it’s irreplaceable.”
“Maybe someone has it and they haven’t handed it in yet. Maybe they were intending to hand it in at the weekend.”
“Just in case anyone that was there in the area at the time. I told UCD because a lot of students use that shopping centre and they’ve put notices up.”
“I think I might have heard it fall but it just didn’t register… somewhere between walking down the stairs and the Tesco it must have fallen.”

Basically the more people that see this story, the better chance Suzanne has of finding the cherished wedding ring.

Anyone who finds the ring or has any information on it can contact Suzanne on 0863780990.

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