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Charles Manson granted a marriage licence

Updated Charles Manson Photo Released

Notorious inmate Charles Manson, who just turned 80, has been granted a marriage licence to wed a woman who regularly visits him in prison.

26-year-old Afton Elaine Burton, who goes by the name ‘Star’ is said to be in love with the famous mass-murderer and will marry him within a month. The licence is valid for only 90 days, and if the marriage does not take place within that timeframe, they will need to re-apply.

Burton left her home nine years ago and moved to Corcoran, California, where Manson is imprisoned, to be near him. She reportedly maintains several websites advocating Manson’s innocence.

Even if the ceremony does go ahead, Manson will not be allowed conjugal visits, as he is a ‘lifer’ with no parole date set. Manson’s last parole hearing (which he did not attend) too place in 2012. The next one will occur in 2027, when Manson is 93.

‘Star’ is said to be feeling pretty upbeat about the upcoming nuptials with her celebrity killer. ‘Y’all can know that it’s true. It’s going to happen.’ Lovestruck, she added ‘I love him. I’m with him.’

The groom-to-be however, appeared less enthusiastic about the prospect of tying the knot at this late stage of his remarkable life: ‘It’s all a bunch of garbage,’ he said. ‘We’re playing it for public consumption.’

Manson, a habitual criminal, has spent most of his natural life inside correctional facilities, and he will certainly die behind bars.

Two of his female former acolytes, Leslie van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel, also remain imprisoned.

‘The devil is alive and well,’ he added.

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