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Chef Jamie Oliver calls for the most vulnerable children to be given free school meals

Image source: BBC

Vulnerable children should get free school meals, and all school leavers should know how to cook at least 10 meals, says Jamie Oliver, reports Breaking News.

The TV chef has called for protecting children from junk food ads – a move supported by Henry Dimbleby, a British businessman and co-founder of food chain Leon.

Speaking at the Future of Britain conference, sugar tax campaigner Oliver outlined his three priorities for improving the health of British children.

He highlighted London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s plan to make free school meals available to all primary school pupils by 2023/24. The policy the chef suggested should be replicated across England.

In February, Labour’s Mr Khan said a single £130m scheme to come into effect from September would help families struggling through the cost of living crisis, reports Breaking News.

The so-called Naked Chef says some energy drinks come with a warning not to be sold to children.

The 48-year-old said: “As a country, as a team, we have to protect those children. We have to get that over the line. Mayor Sadiq is actually doing it… local people like up in York are doing it, in Wales you get it, in Scotland you get it. England is the meanest,” rpeorts Breaking News.

He added: “And if I had a wish for all of your children, it would be that every child left school knowing how to cook 10 recipes to save their life,” reports Breaking News.

“Energy drinks have the power to make a class less intelligent. Every day I think about this, every day I worry about this and it can be fixed – it is all very doable.” he warned, reports Breaking News.

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