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Chinese court upholds definition of homosexuality as “mental disorder”

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Around the world leftists, socialist and communists, who have taken up the cause of cultural Marxism and its dogma of moral subjectivity in the last decade are struggling to come to terms with the fact that in China, homosexuality has been declared a mental illness.

The decision of the Suqian Intermediate People’s Court in the eastern province of Jiangsu was called “random and baseless” by Ou Jiayong, also known as Xixi, who had filed the lawsuit after discovered a psychology textbook that described being gay as a mental disorder during her studies at the South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou The South China Morning Post reports.

China decriminalised homosexuality in 1997 after the World Health Organisation declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder seven years earlier.

However, this textbook in question which is used by a numerous Chinese universities, is the 2013 edition of Mental Health Education for College Students published by Jinan University Press. It has listed homosexuality under “common psychosexual disorders” along with cross-dressing and fetishism.

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