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Christchurch Rugby team to drop name “Crusaders” following terror attack

Image source: CNN

The Crusaders, a New Zealand professional rugby union team based in Christchurch, have announced that they will change their name in light of the recent terror attack in the city.

NZ Rugby CEO Steve Tew believes the franchise’s association with the Crusades, which refers to wars and military campaigns which also included wars with Muslims from the 12 to the 14th century is no longer appropriate.

The term crusades is considered offensive to Muslims. The Crusades were launched by Pope Pius II in 1095 in response to four hundred years of violent Muslim expansion which saw most of the Middle East, North Africa, Iberia and Sicily conquered by the religion of peace.

In the centuries leading to the crusades Rome itself had even been attacked on several occasions and the Christian Kingdom of Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire) whose capital was Constantinople, had requested help from the Vatican to stave off falling to Muslim invaders.

Despite this historical reality Christians and by extension the Western World has been shamed and quilted over the crusades in recent years, particularly by Western social justice warriors eager to pander to Muslims.

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