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#1 Fiona Pender: Gardai have received significant new information which may lead to the unlocking of the case of missing Fiona Pender.

The 25-year-old Tullamore hairdresser disappeared in 1996, and no trace of her has ever been found. She was 7 months pregnant at the time.

Now, Gardai have received a statement from a woman living abroad saying that she was shown a location in farmland near Tullamore where a man regarded as suspect in the case claimed Fiona was buried.

The woman had never spoken to Gardai before, and had now done so because her life had been threatened by the same man who showed her Fiona’s grave purported location.

It is understood that Gardai have arrested the man, who denies any involvement in the case.

#2 Mortgages: Couples on modest incomes might be squeezed out of the mortgage market due to stringent new lending criteria by the Central Bank.

New borrowing rules now specify that people will no longer be able to borrow over three and a half times their income, and must provide a deposit of 20pc of the value of the property.

#3 Google: The search engine has received more than 18,000 requests from British citizens to have information removed under the ‘right to be forgotten’ rule.

This is an average of 1,000 petitions a day since the ruling was introduced last May.

#4 British Army: A contingent of British troops has been sent to Iraq to help train Kurdish troops in the use of British-supplied weapons.

The troops will be based in the Kurdish base of Irbil, in the north, and will mostly be training their counterparts on how to use machine guns.

#5 Lotto: No winner of the €4.9 Lotto jackpot last night.

The winning numbers were 2, 21, 29, 32, 40, and 42. The bonus number was 41.


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