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Congrats! Irish mother celebrates the birth of her third set of twin girls


Philomena and Aidan Flynn from Westmeath were already parents to twins Emma and Rebecca, 18, Twins Emer and Tara, 17, and in February they welcomed twins Mabie Jane and Elicia Kate!

The chances of a woman having three sets of non-identical twins is close to 1.4 million to one.

The couple, who run a farm machinery company, were delighted with the news and Philomena told Today FM’s Anton Savage.

“It was pretty early in, I was pretty sick, I was always very sick during my pregnancies, so they sent me in for an early scan.

I wasn’t worried, I was very excited to find out that I was expecting a set of twins every time.

I’ve known no different and I can’t imagine what life would be like with just one baby.

It would be very easy on us and I would probably have an awful lot more time of my hands.”

Just a number of months after the couple’s first pair of twins were born, Philomena was expecting again.

She said: “I was breastfeeding Rebecca and Emma when I found out I got pregnant with Tara and Emer.

“So it was quite early into the pregnancy again, about six weeks, that I found out we were expecting the second set of twins, we just laughed.
Aidan my husband and I went into the hospital to see what was wrong, because we never thought for one minute that I could be pregnant again.”

“When we found out it was twins again, we just laughed, sure what else could we do?”

Phil smiled as she remembered having two sets of twins under 2 years of age:

She said: “The first few years were crazy, absolutely brilliant, of course it was great fun.

“My mum was around that time is she was fantastic help, she practically moved in with us.

“The feeds ran into feeds and nights ran into days, it’s a bit of a blur to be honest but you just get through it.

“I’d say we were going through about 128 nappies a week at one stage.”

Just as her four eldest twins were ready for college, Phil found out she was pregnant with twins again!

She continued: “They were a surprise pregnancy because there was a seventeen year gap between them and my next set of twins.

“This is my third set of twin girls, it came as a bit of a surprise.

“At four weeks I went for a scan and found out I was expecting my third set of twins.

“It was a reality that when I turn around and I look at these four and I’ve got them to 17 and 18, then I look at Elicia and Mabie and think, ‘Oh my God I have to do all this again?’

“But it’s wonderful.”

Philomena went on to offer tips for prospective parents of twins:

She said: “When you get presents everyone gets you the same identical clothes but they say don’t ever dress them the same, give them their own identities.

“I personally would never buy the same clothes for the twins.”

Very best of luck to Phil, Aidan and the entire family!


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