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Convicted murderer honoured for his bravery after confronting a terrorist during the 2019 London Bridge attack

Image source – Sky

A convicted murderer who confronted a terrorist during the 2019 London Bridge attack has been awarded for his bravery, reports Sky.

Steven Gallant confronts terrorist Osman Khan when he launched his attack on a prison education conference at Fishmongers’ Hall.

The attack occurred while Mr Gallant was on leave from prison after being one of two men convicted of killing Barry Jackson in Hull in 2005.

Khan killed Cambridge graduates Jack Merritt (25) and Saskia Jones (23) and wounded three others, before crossing London Bridge.

Another ex-con, John Crilly, doused Khan with a fire extinguisher, before the communications officer, Darrin Frost, tackled him with a narwhal tooth, knocking him off balance, reports Sky.

It came after a fourth man, Lukasz Kokoczyk, used a long ceremonial pike taken from the walls of the Grade II listed fishmongers hall to kill the terrorist.

Mr Gallant, Mr Crilly, Mr Frost and Mr Kozosik are all on this year’s civil gallantry list, the latest to be approved by Queen Elizabeth II.

Correctional Officer Adam Roberts, who brought Mr Gallant to the event the day he was released, is among those on the list who gave first aid to Ms Jones after she was stabbed.

Mr Roberts said it was “really important” that everyone who has contributed in any way is recognised.

Sky reports that he said ‘”I feel sort of mixed, it’s very difficult to celebrate when it’s for something that had an outcome that was so bad.”

Also on the list is John Rees, who was killed in May 2020 after trying to stop a mentally ill woman wielding a knife at a co-op shop.

An 88-year-old man was stabbed and injured with two bottles of alcohol and a fire extinguisher during an attack in South Wales.

Oliver Dowden, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, said they were all “extremely worthy winners”, reports Sky.

He said: “We all hope we’d react with courage in the face of danger. These people have lived through that test, and responded in the most admirable way. Their selfless actions have saved lives, and I want to express profound thanks for their willingness to put themselves in danger to protect others,” reports Sky.

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