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Cork chairty organises trip to Disneyland for autistic boy who was attacked by teenagers


A well known Cork charity has  organised an all-expenses-paid trip to Disneyland to young teenage boy who has autism after he was the victim of a horrific attack by teenagers this week.

The your boy’s father Liam Davin had appeared on Red FM last Thursday morning and told the story of the horrific attack on his son. Mr Davin told the station of his horror at discovering that a group of teenagers had force-fed his young son twigs and made him expose himself. The heart breaking story touched the nation and none other than John Looney, a volunteer with the Cork City Hospitals Children’s Club, after hearing of the boy’s abuse. Mr Looney proceeded to contact the the radio station to offer Mr Davin’s son a place on the charity’s annual trip to Disneyland Paris.

Mr Looney told the station: “What happened to that boy was absolutely diabolical,” “We thought, why not bring him along [to Disneyland]? He is going to have it tough over the next days and weeks so this is something to look forward to, and his family will know that he will be with a group that will look after him 110%,” he said. After hearing about the chairty’s generous offer Mr Davin contacted Mr Looney to express his gratitude. “He was absolutely over the moon with it and said it was a lovely gesture,” Mr Looney said.

The well known chairty which was Founded in 1992, the Cork City Hospitals Children’s Club provides trips for sick and deserving children from Cork University Hospital, Mercy Hospital, St Gabriel’s, and the Cork Deaf Association. The charity is made up of a group of some 40 volunteers. Donations can be made to the charity’s account at Bank of Ireland, Wilton. Sort code 90-28-05, account number 34653800.

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