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Costa Concordia used to smuggle Mafia drugs

It has been today reported that the Costa Concordia, which partially capsized in January 2012, was carrying a huge shipment of mafia-owned drugs at the time of its demise.

Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, reported that investigations into drug trafficking routes between South America and Italy led to the discovery that large quantities of cocaine were being smuggled into food supplies on cruise ships, including the Costa Concordia.

The newspaper also reported that 20 people who are linked to the Calabrian crime syndicate,  Ndrangheta, were arrested following the investigation.

According to investigators, police officers overheard the crimeCosta Concordia lord, Michele Rossi referring to “the same ship that made us look a fool all around the world”, a reference to the Costa Concordia, it is believed.

A total of 4,229 passengers were on board the cruise liner when it struck a bed of rocks and keeled over off the coast of the Italian island of Giglio on January 13, 2012. Thirty-two people died during the incident.

The captain of the ship was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment after being found guilty of multiple cases of manslaughter as well as other charges in relation to the grounding of the Costa Concordia.

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