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Could We Be Next? Terror Expert Issues Concern For Ireland

terrorismSecurity Expert Tom Clonan, warned the population of Ireland last night that the shocking terrorists attacks in Paris could potentially occur in Ireland.

Mr.Clonan stated that these terrorists could target Ireland as it is a good back door into Europe and could also been seen as a ‘weak link’.

The alert was released when an international search went underway to find the girlfriend of  slain gunman who is said to have fled to Syria.

Mr.Clonan stated that there is up to 4o dangerous radicals holding Irish passports,people who have just finished fighting in Syria and Iraq. Clonan believes that it is this that has led many terrorists groups using Ireland as the back door into Europe.

 “According to An Garda Siochana, the Minister for Justice and the International Centre for the Study of Islamic Radicalisation in London, there are between 30 and 40 Irish passport-holders having fought in Syria or Iraq. It’s a lot. In addition to that, Dublin is known to be a transit point for high-value individuals who are involved in Islamist radicalisation internationally”

“They are not Irish passport-holders but Dublin is a transit hub and destination for some of these high-profile individuals. Ireland does not have the type of security infrastructure and resources other jurisdictions have. Some of these individuals probably feel like they can pass in and out of our jurisdiction under the radar”

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