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‘Detroit Water Brigade’ to join day of national protest here



A delegation from an international cohort dubbed the ‘Detroit Water Brigade’ is set to join the water protest scheduled for December 10.

Four activists are due to fly over and join the masses of people expected to turn up to demonstrate against water charges.

Detroit became the largest US city to file for bankruptcy protection back in July.

And recently, the city’s Water and Sewerage Department has begun shutting off people’s water supply on a large scale for those who have not paid their bill in over two months.

According to local media, over 31,000 customers have had their water supply cut off since the beginning of 2014, as the city strives to reduce its own debt at the expense of its citizens.

Since the start of this issue, a group of people organized themselves into the Detroit Water Brigade, with the goal of providing support and assistance to those people whose water supply had been shut off.

The group has been in regular contact with similar groups here in Ireland, particularly Right2Water, and a small delegation of activists will fly over to join the fight against inequality on December 10.

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