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Did Mrs Thatcher cover up child sexual abuse?

Margaret Thatcher saw a secret file detailing ‘unnatural’ sexual acts taking place in Westminster in the 1980s, according to British media reports today. The file was discovered amid the late prime minister’s papers and it is believed its contents are protected under the Official Secrets Act.

Close advisors have said Mrs Thatcher was aware of sexual abuse allegations against a certain as yet unnamed politician in Westminster at the time, but if that is the case, the Iron Lady never acted on it. This revelation follows several sex abuse scandals at the highest levels of British society, from former ‘national  treasure’ turned serial rapist Jimmy Savile to accusations of a child sex ring at the very heart of the UK establishment.

The dossier was kept secret, apparently for national security reasons. This deepens the mystery surrounding the person named in the document. It also raises unsettling questions about how much then Prime Minister Thatcher knew and whether she was involved in any kind of cover up.

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