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Disgraceful: Politicians do NOT have to pay water charges on their second homes


It has been revealed that politicians will not have to pay water charges on their second homes.

In this recent development it is believed that Ministers, Junior Ministers and the Attorney General will be exempt from the €125 payment on their second residence thanks to a law dating back to 1997. The recent news is bound to spark more outrage as hard-pressed families are being crucified with the levies starting from today.

Although not all politicians agree with the decision, as Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty has had his say on the matter saying it was outrageous that this would be allowed to happen and called for a change in the laws.

Mr Doherty said: “This outrageous revelation is another smack in the face to hundreds of thousands of families out there who will face water charges. “To my knowledge Enda Kenny and his ministers are the only people who will be able to claim back their water charges from their tax bill.“The fact that each of them earn above €130,000 a year won’t be lost on anyone.”

According to the laws in place Ministers can claim a €3,500 tax deduction on top of the cost of their second homes. Rural-based ministers are entitled to write off the cost of mortgage interest on the Dublin properties they stay in while attending the Dail – as well as laundry, electricity bills, gas bills, repairs and maintenance.
The taxman has now confirmed that the €125 charge for second homes can be claimed for also.

However Taoiseach Enda Kenny has clearly stated that he will be paying his charges on his apartment in Dublin where he stays during the week.

In what many describe as unjust charges, the levies will come into effect today, with everyone receiving their first bill in January.

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