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DNA samples taken in relation to double murder



The court has heard that Aurimas Andruska, who is accused of the murder of Jolante Lubiene and her eight year old daughter Enrika had only met Jolante twice.

On June 16, the bodies of Jolante and her daughter were found in their home. Aurimas admitted that he was not friends with Jolante. He had only called to Jolante’s home at around 8pm on Tuesday, June 11 to collect some DVDs she was giving away.

Aurimas heard about the death of Jolante and her daughter from his Polish housemate on the morning of Sunday, June 16.

Andruska has denied the double murder. He told gardai that he was in shock when he learnt about the death.

It is believed that the man who committed the murder was a man Jolante had met on the Internet.

Due to Jolante having many relationships, DNA samples have been taken from over 60 men by gardai investigators.

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