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Donald Trump says latest trial is a sham and a scam and an effort to derail his 2024 election bid

That takeaway phrase from day one of so many lawsuits against Donald Trump?

“Rampant fraud”.

This, at least Politically speaking, is not up for debate. In a pretrial ruling, the judge found that the Trump Organization had indeed committed massive fraud, reports Sky

But politically it’s deeply contentious: due process versus partisan witch-hunt.

If you remove the context of crime here, you can see how Trump’s witch hunt narrative works well in America.

The Attorney General is a Democrat and the Judge is a Democratic appointee.

This is not unusual. Across the country, legal officials are aligned with one party or the other, either by nomination or election.

However, in this case, the judiciary relies on its ability to be impartial, regardless of any perceived or actual political affiliation.

And most importantly, it depends on public confidence in this power.

This is the wedge that Trump is exploiting, reports Sky.

He wonders why he overpriced his property. Banks don’t care about that, he says.

They got their money back; No Sacrifice. This ignores the fact that cheating does not require victimization.

As he left the court, he used his trademark doublespeak, designed to confuse and confuse. He expressed outrage among the victims that the trial was not a jury trial.

Under New York state law, if a defendant requested a jury, they would get one, reports Sky.

So – what should you pay attention to now? First, what about Trump’s assets in New York?

He lost his business license here in town. The judge has now given him ten days to decide how to resolve the estate. Are you selling Trump Tower? quite possibly, reports Sky.

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