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Dublin Airport’s charge against drone user is incorrect, court hears

The charge against a drone user who is accused of disrupting the operations of Dublin Airport is incorrect, his lawyer told the court.

Ainis Guzauskus, 41, is charged with an offense under Section 3 of the Air Navigation and Transport Act 1975 for unlawfully and intentionally disrupting the operation of an air traffic control facility at Dublin Airport by flying a DJI Mavic mini 2 drone on 2 July 2022.

Mr Quigley, also briefed in the separate indictment, said: “My position is, I outlined it in the other case, is that it is not the correct direction or charge in the matter”, reports Breaking News.

He said the court had already postponed Mr Brills’ case until July 21 to receive further guidance from the state.

Judge Kelly adjourned Mr Guzauskus’ case until the same date. She also said she plans to apply to the court next week for the Gardaí to return his previously confiscated passport so he can go on holiday. He has not yet admitted his guilt.

The court heard that the accused had lived in Ireland for 14 years and did not need an interpreter. Mr Guzauskus works full-time but is entitled to legal counsel, reports Breaking News.

The independent prosecution has accused Eric Brills, 50, of Holywell Dale, Swords, County Dublin, of unlawfully and intentionally disrupting the operation of air traffic control facilities at Dublin Airport by deploying a drone within the critical 300 meter range. on 24 January at Naul Road, Cloghran, County Dublin, as it is likely that such action would affect the safety of aircraft in flight.

In his case, the DPP also approved the “summary disposal on a guilty plea” at the district court level. Otherwise you would have to answer in the district court, reports Breaking News.

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