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Dublin Bus is looking to recruit more women drivers

Dublin Bus is aiming to increase the number of women drivers it employs by twice the current amount, reports RTE.

Presently, only 6% of its drivers are female. To achieve this goal, the semi-state company has launched a recruitment drive for women called the ‘More Mná’ Recruitment Drive.

Dublin Bus Talent Development and Diversity Manager, Vivienne Kavanagh, stated, “We are so proud to have achieved our previous goal of doubling the number of female drivers at Dublin Bus since our female recruitment drive in 2019, but we want to double it again.”

According to the company’s figures, only one in ten of the semi-state company’s workers are women, reports RTE.

The workforce is predominantly male, with 91.7% men (3,780) and 342 (8.3%) females. Of those workers, 193 (6.1%) are female drivers, while 2,951 (93.9%) are male.

Since 2019, Dublin Bus stated that it has seen a 96% increase in female drivers.

The company currently has 170 male mechanics, and there are no female mechanics.

Dublin Bus has launched the ‘More Mná’ Recruitment Drive alongside new research into gender roles, stereotypes and women in the workforce, reports RTE.

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