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Dublin taxi driver’s tips on how to get a taxi this Christmas goes viral

Image source: TikTok/neilmurray45

A Dublin taxi driver is said to have beaten up “rogue” drivers who take advantage of people trying to get home after a Christmas night out.

He described the practice as “disgusting” and said he had been told of “a collection of rogue taxi men” who refused to accept fares or ask for money in advance.

Neil Murray shared a video warning people about the practice on his popular TikTok account. He has given his 14,000 followers advice on what to do if someone is in this situation.

He explained: “There’s a collection of rogue taxi men out there at night time which is messing with the likes of myself and good taxi men. Now, there’s a hell of a lot of us good taxi men out there, there really is,” reports The Mirror.

However, he warned, There has to be a collection of people with you to do this,” reports The Mirror.

Alternatively, he suggested: ““If you don’t want any confrontation with him, get out of the car, make sure you have the plate number on the roof, report him to National Transport Authority,” reports The Mirror.

Finally, he suggested that anyone able to have family members pick them up after a night out should use that option.

According to The Mirror, he said: “If you’re going out at night, on a Christmas party, try and get a family member to pick you up. It’s extremely helpful in that situation.”

This comes just weeks after transport bosses criticized rogue taxi drivers who illegally charge customers extra euros for accepting card payments.

The Irish Mirror previously reported that some unscrupulous drivers are making quick extra money by imposing a new surcharge to accept payments by ‘tapping’ your contactless card.

A taxi driver can’t now refuse card payments under the new EU rules, but neither can they charge you extra under the new regulation.

From September 1st, all taxi drivers must accept card payments for all fares.

However, the Irish Mirror has learned that the practice of ‘surcharge’ has emerged and that it is more common among night passengers who may have been traveling the night.

The only additional charges a taxi is legally allowed to charge you are the “call” charge and an additional passenger charge or, in rare cases, a dirt charge.

The national transport authority said the new surcharge for the cards would not be allowed under the new rules and a spokesman said they would receive complaints about the new scam.

According to The Mirror, a spokesman for the NTA told the Mirror: “A taxi driver cannot charge an extra fee for the use of a credit/debit card. An EU directive in 2018 prohibited any surcharges for the use of personal credit/debit cards. “The current charges that can be applied by taxi drivers are set out in the Taxi Regulation (Maximum Fares) Order 2022 (S.I. No. 293/2022). The driver can apply an ‘extra’ charge only for those items listed in this order:

– Booking fee: €2
– Additional passenger charge: Each adult passenger after the first (or, after the first free child, for each additional two children under 12 years of age) €1.00
– Soiling Charge (where applicable) : The reasonable cost of remedying the soiling, up to a maximum of €140.00

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