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Enda Kenny gets off to a bad start in his election campaign


After the lighting fast affair that was the dissolution of the Dáil yesterday, Enda Kenny has gotten off to a stumbling start of his campaign.

When cornered by journalists and media and pressured into answering questions about how his party will actually fund the plethora of election promises made, Enda became visibly shaken and resorted to a prepared parody of the truth (and insulting most people in the process) by saying “economic jargon which the vast majority of people don’t understand”, before swiftly delegating the answer to Michael Noonan, who stood up to spew out meaningless numbers.

And the bad news for Fine Gael continue today, as the Coalition is down two points in the latest opinion poll, currently standing at 28%. Labour meanwhile still pick up the rear with an honestly shameful 7%. A combined percentage would still not be enough to have them re-elected.

Election day has been set for Friday, February 26.

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