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Expert gives update on snow update as ‘very unsettled’ low pressure come in off Atlantic

A weather expert has provided an update on the arrival of snow as forecasts from Met Eireann warned that the showers will become ‘wintry’ in the coming days.

The weather should take a grim turn this week after a few days of milder conditions, but the high alpine areas are the only places where the snow can get.

In a Twitter post, Carlow Weather’s Alan O’Reilly wrote: “A few people asking about snow at weekend. Latest models show risk of some wintry showers but mainly on high ground and in the West. I wouldn’t be expecting much for most areas,” reports The Mirror.

As for the general forecast, today will be windy with weak sunny spells and isolated showers, some heavy in the western and northern sectors.

Maximum temperatures range from 9 to 12 degrees with fresh and gusty winds from west to south-west.

Later it will be milder with rain and drizzle gradually spreading from the southwest.

Thursday will be quite windy with scattered showers and drizzle spreading from the north-east across the country.

The showers will become more intense and persistent in the western and south-western sectors, with longer periods of drought in the east of the country.

Clear spells and some showers will follow from the west later in the evening as the rain moves into the Irish Sea and the north-west gets very windy.

Thursday evening will be mostly dry with some light spells. It will be a rather cool night with minimum temperatures of 3 to 6 degrees and a moderate libeccio wind.

Friday will bring mostly dry weather with only some showers, especially in the south and west.

Towards evening, however, there will be rain showers in the south and west and it will be windy.

Rain showers will sweep across the country on Friday evening, with refreshing southerly winds, maximum temperatures of between 7 and 11 degrees are expected.

A downpour will move northeast across the country on Friday evening, then disperse in scattered showers. With cool to strong southerly winds, it will get colder with minimum temperatures of 1 to 4 degrees.

Saturday will bring cool windy conditions with sunny spells and scattered rain or hail showers and the possibility of sleet at higher altitudes.

The maximum temperatures of 5 to 9 degrees are due to a strong and gusty south wind.

In the night until Saturday it will remain windy with extensive showers, some hailstorms and low temperatures between 3 and 7 degrees with a fresh to strong libeccio wind.

Sunday will be very windy with sunshine and thundershowers, partly with hail and thunder.

Maximum temperatures of 5 to 9 degrees are expected with strong and gusty winds from southwest to west.

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