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Fair play: Some hospital staff have slept on makeshift beds and even the floor since Tuesday

A number of medical personnel at the country’s hospitals have stayed at work for practically a week in an effort to look after their patients throughout the adversity of both the beast from the east and storm Emma.

Overnight stays for doctors and nurses in the country’s busiest hospitals comes after a number of workers across the country have been hampered in their efforts to make it to work due to the adverse weather conditions caused by Storm Emma.

Staff at both St Vincent’s Hospital, St James’s Hospital in Dublin and University Hospital Waterford, have confirmed on social media that they have set up temporary sleeping arrangements at the hospital in an effort to avoid a crisis.

It is understood staff have overwhelmingly agreed to stay in the hospital and sleep on mattresses whilst they are not required to be on duty.

The thoughtful decision was made after Met Eireann issued a red status weather warning for the entire country on Thursday afternoon. It is expected high winds and heavy snowfall is expected until late on Friday evening.

In an announcement made on Thursday the public were warned to stay indoors as conditions could potentially cause a threat to life.

It’s understood that some staff slept in makeshift beds and some reportedly even slept on the floor for a number of hours throughout the week since Tuesday.

A member of The Liberal team spoke to one nurse who told us that she was quite literally “tucked up in bed in hospital” after her shift ended and was staying the night as her next shift was in the morning.

For the rest of us, it might be a few days of inconvenience, many of us can take off work or work from home, but the dedication nurses, doctors and carers have shown is something we all should respect.

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