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Fianna Fail trying to reclaim €17,000 back from Dublin councillor


According to reports the Fianna Fail party are apparently trying to reclaim what is believed to be thousands of euro back from a Councillor who recently resigned from the party.

It is understood that the party are trying to get in region of €17,000 back from former Dublin west candidate Councillor David McGuinness, who submitted his resignation Thursday. Mr McGuiness claims that he spent the allocated money on leaflets and other promotional material to run his failed campaign and that he can not afford to repay it.

The move has outraged the party’s Dublin spokesman, Darragh O’Brien, who says that the party have the right to ask for its money back.

Mr O’Brien said: “The funding that David was given over the last couple of years was effectively to develop the party within the Dublin West area and I think the party is right to look at avenues of securing the return of that that funding,” said O’Brien. “That money was not for David McGuinness. It was to develop the organisation with Dublin West,” said O’Brien.

The news comes after a bad month for the party following numerous resignations and low support in the latest opinion polls.

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