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Garda gets brutally beaten in unprovoked attack in Dublin

A Gardaí were brutally attacked and left with a broken eye socket and concussion after an “out of the blue” attack in Dublin, reports The Mirror.

An officer who was responding to a call on Berkeley Street in the Mountjoy area of Dublin was attacked around 11.15am this morning and suffered a horrific attack.

As a result of the unprovoked attack, an officer stationed at the Mountjoy police station suffered stitch wounds, a broken eye socket, and facial injuries.

The officer was taken to the Mater Hospital in Dublin before being released home where he was able to recuperate.

However, the horrific attack forced the Garda officer to take a leave of absence to recuperate as he, too, was believed to have been injured in the attack, reports The Mirror.

The Garda Representatives Association (GRA) today condemned the tragic attack.

GRA’s North Central Garda Neil Hodgins said the attack showed what his colleagues faced almost daily.

“It highlights the dangers that the people that I represent take every single day, and not necessarily at night time. I strongly condemn the attack against a man going about his work trying to help a member of the public that has resulted in him now being off work for a period of time,” he said, reports The Mirror.

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