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Giant spiders to invade Irish homes while looking to breed


Giant spiders are set to invade Irish homes in the coming weeks looking for a warm place to breed. Irish arachnologist Myles Nolan has said that the male spiders will enter many Irish homes while on the hunt for breeding partners in the late summer and autumn months.

However,  Myles revealed that the spiders are not much of a threat to humans despite their large size.“Spiders aren’t dirty so they do not pose a risk that way and they are not dangerous. Unless they are disturbed they won’t bite and if they do so it will because they are doing so defensively,” he said.

Speaking about the impending surge of spiders in the Irish home, Dr Claire Rind told Chronicle Live: “The males are on the hunt for females. And after a wet spring and lovely summer there are more insects around, which provide food for the Giant House Spiders, which have grown quicker and bigger.”

“Some could have leg spans the size of a tiny mouse, though their bodies are actually quite small – I’ve seen some big spiders the size of a rat and their bodies are huge by comparison.”

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