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Government accused of leaking lockdown dates to gauge public’s opinion

There have been claims on social media that the government is purposely leaking information pertaining to further restrictions and a possible lockdown to gauge the public’s reaction.

The Liberal published the below information on two reliable sources, both of whom provided The Liberal with correct information in the past.

Some social media users are now claiming that Micheal Martin, Leo Varadkar and Eamon Ryan and purposely leaking information in a desperate attempt to see what sort of response the public would have and possibly will steer their decision making as a result.

It must be emphasised from the outset that this is not definite but we can assure you that two separate sources from Leinster House have told The Liberal that these dates are being discussed.

As covid cases continue to rise and with the likelihood of them going up even further, discussions are taking place in relation to further restrictions including closing pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and a full lockdown.

As it stands, we have been informed that the date that would see pubs, nightclubs and restaurants being closed is December 13th.

It’s understood that the economy will be allowed continue for another week with a full lockdown being discussed for December 20th.

It must be stated that dates cannot be taken as fact but we have been reliably informed by two separate sources from within Leinster House that they are being actively discussed.

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