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Government reveals annual St Patrick’s day travel plans


The Government have revealed their travel plans for St Patrick’s Day this afternoon.

The government say 14 of the 15 current cabinet ministers will visit 15 countries on trade missions.
It is understood that the Taoiseach Enda Kenny along with three other ministers will make the annual visit to the United States. Meanwhile the remaining ministers will travel to Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, China and Brazil. All 15 junior ministers will also be involved in international travel. It is understood that the only minister not traveling is the finance minister Michael Noonan. The annual travel arrangements normally receives strong criticism from the public with many believing it is a waste of tax payer money. Although Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan strongly denies the claims that the worldwide travel programme is a waste of money.

Mr Flanagan said: “These are very, very good value,” he said. “Last year … as an immediate consequence of our ministerial visits, €5m was gained at a cost of €300,000 for the entire event. “I’m quite satisfied that this is money really, really well spent,” he said.

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