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Greece rejects further austerity


With over 70pc of the votes counted, it has become clear that the Greek nation has made a stand against austerity and defied the European Union’s demands.

Though the final tally is yet to be announced, so far over 60pc of people have voted “No”, thus rejecting Europe’s latest bailout offer.

But while there is a party atmosphere in central Athens this evening, a dark cloud looms on the country’s horizon.

The nation’s banks have been closed for an entire week; ATMs have been dispensing a maximum of €60 per day, and some banks are running dangerously low on notes. Without a lifeline, cash is certain to run out in a very short period of time.

And if and when that happens, nobody knows what the outcome might be. Greece’s creditors will not be in the mood for further discussions about financial injections worth billions after tonight’s referendum result, so what might happen in the next few days, is anyone’s guess.

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