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Green Party TD says that there are ‘two excellent candidates’ competing to become new party leader

According to Green Party TD Brian Leddin, he anticipates a “good humoured and healthy” contest for the position of party leader, reports Breaking News.

“Everybody so far has been very good, mature and serious about it,” he told RTÉ radio’s Morning Ireland, reports Breaking News.

Mr. Leddin declared that he would be “completely behind him” if the majority of the party voted for the other candidate, Minister for Integration Roderic O’Gorman. Yesterday, he backed Minister of State Pippa Hackett in her candidature for the party leadership.

He claimed that the party has known for a while that Eamon Ryan would not be leading the group in the upcoming general election. Last weekend, “good conversations” had taken place over who would provide the Green Party the best opportunity of winning seats in the next general election, reports Breaking News.

Regardless of who emerges as the party’s head, Mr. Leddin expressed his happiness at having “two excellent candidates” and predicted a successful year.

Councilwoman Janet Horner of Dublin City declared that she would back Roderic O’Gorman as he had managed one of the nation’s most difficult cases.

“I think in terms of his ministerial portfolio he has at the moment, we’ve seen him time and again step up to leadership roles within the party, most recently as director of elections for the local election campaign. He’s shown and has continued to articulate the values of the party at the highest level despite major challenges, opponents and major pushback. And I think that’s something we really need to see at the moment,” reports Breaking News.

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