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Heartwarming: Young British boy born without ears fulfils his dream of wearing sunglasses for the very first time


In a rather heartwarming story a young British boy who was born without ears has recently fulfilled his boyhood dream of wearing sunglasses for the very first time.

Young Kieran Sorkin who is just 9 years old had his dream become a reality after he received cosmetic surgery at Great Ormand Street Hospital. Highly skilled surgeons at the hospital grafted ears for young Kieran using skin from his own ribs. Kieran who was consistently teased at school after being born deaf and with small lobes where his ears should be, underwent numerous complicated operations at the hospital over the last few months which resulted in his boyhood wish finally coming true this week when he was told by his surgeon Neil Bulstrode that his ears have healed sufficiently for him to wear sunglasses.

The news was greatly recived by the young schoolboy who couldn’t be happier, when he was asked what he thought of his new ears Kieran replied “awesome!.” Kieran then proceeded to do what he always dreamed of, he put on a pair of sunglasses for the very first time and began admiring them in a mirror. It is believed that Kieran’s surgeon Mr Bulstrode used an outline of Kieran’s mother Louise’s ears as a “family template” to shape them. Young Kieran, told Sky News: “Before the operations I thought I might get elephant ears or mouse ears, but I’ve got my mum’s ears. It’s weird but I feel great. “Mr Bulstrode is the best surgeon as he made my wishes come true – I’ve got ears and can wear sunglasses.”

Although the procedure was mainly cosmetic, Kieran did have a hearing aid thanks to previous operations which has enabled the young boy to hear. Young Kieran was born with bilateral microtia – which affects one in 100,000 babies a congenital deformity where the external ear is underdeveloped.

Surgeons apparently conducted a complicated procedure by taking rib cartilage from Kieran’s chest and then shaped it into frameworks for ears. They then grafted the ears onto Kieran’s head and used a vacuum to shape the skin to the contours.

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