Heroic: Incredible bravery shown in interview by James Foley's parents

Heroic: Incredible bravery shown in interview by James Foley’s parents


John and Diane Foley gave an emotional interview on The Late Late Show about their heroic son, James Foley who was horrifically murdered by ISIS on August 19th.

The couple travelled from America to give a positive view about their son Jim.

The disgusting thugs who are ISIS murdered their son by beheading him and uploading a video to YouTube.

James (Jim) was a photojournalist who felt passionately about the innocent people and children of Iraq. His heroic actions are the reason the world knows about what really is going on by ISIS in Iraq.

Jim and his parents are devote Catholics and their prayers are now said to be the only thing that’s keeping them going for the fact that Jim is in Heaven now.

R.I.P. to the hero – James Foley

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