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HORRIFIC: Life-changing ‘catastrophic’ hammer-attack injuires revealed


UK Student, Connor Huntley was just 18 when he was struck twice in the head with a hammer by Joseph Williams, his then housemate. He has decided to go public with his injuries which occured last May.

The unprovoked attacked caused Huntley to nearly lose his life, with ambulance personnel arriving at the house with the hammer still embedded in the mans head.

Williams, aged 21, was sentenced to 14 years in prison at the Old Bailey for attempted murder. He will serve his sentence in a maximum security prison with a possible further refinement to a mental institution.

Sentencing, Judge Jeremy Donne QC told Williams: “It is fortunate in the extreme for both him and for you that he did not die.

“That was only down to the skill of the medical personnel treating him but he will never be able to live an ordinary life.

“Not only did it fracture his skull but it was embedded in his brain.

“The injuries suffered by Connor Huntley were little short of catastrophic. They were life-changing.

A week before the attack, Williams told his neighbour, a friend of Mr Huntley, that he did not know if he could live with him because he would end up punching him.

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