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HORRIFIC: The beheading of Christian children in Iraq by ISIS

Horrific photographs have emerged online, showing members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) continuing what has been a growing genocide of Christians living in Iraq.

When ISIS targeted every Christian living in the ancient city of Mosul, they did so using the threat of “convert, pay a fine or die”. Now ISIS has started to carry out the killings and shocking reports of rape, crucifixion and other atrocities are emerging.

Children are reportedly being killed first, with reports that they are being beheaded and their heads placed on display in public parks.

WARNING: The photographs in question are extremely disturbing. The Liberal has chosen not to display the worst images here, as they have been released as a propaganda tool.

ISIS has been continuing its reign of terror for some time but the international community has largely turned a blind eye, focussing instead on the conflict in Gaza.

Late last week, the US carried out air strikes in order to prevent further genocide. Food and water were dropped for refugees hiding on mountains in the region.

France has already offered asylum to Christians fleeing from Iraq for fear of their lives. The Archbishop of Canterbury has urged the British Government to do likewise.

The Irish Government remains on holidays so will not be able to discuss this crisis until they return in six weeks’ time.

For now, these atrocious crimes against our fellow human beings continue in one of the worst outrages seen in recent times.

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