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How Is American Roulette Different from European Roulette? 

Differences Between American and European Roulette 

There are many versions of the game of roulette today. Perhaps, no two are as popular as the American and European versions, though. These two games are basically the footprint for all other titles, owing to their unique wheels, which feature two and one zero, respectively. Whether you play live American roulette or analog European roulette, whether you play in-person or at an online casino, the same core gameplay features remain unchanged. 

Today, we take a look at the main differences between these two games and why you can have a lot of fun no matter which one you end up picking. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into it and discover what makes these games so much fun and as worthwhile as you can expect.

What are the differences in the wheel and layout?

The first thing to address is the differences in the layouts of the two games. Essentially, you are looking at slightly different game layouts here, but nothing that impacts your gameplay in a major way. American roulette features two zeros.

This is truly the most ostensible difference between the games, and it’s something to definitely celebrate and enjoy. Players who are new to the experience will have a blast finding out about the features there. Now, the zeroes will naturally have a bearing on the gameplay, which is pretty normal and, frankly – to be expected. Basically, as a player, you want to get the best house edge, but whether you do depends on what game version you play.

American roulette, for example, has a house edge of 5.36% because of the two zeroes. European roulette has a house edge of just 2.70%. This doesn’t mean that American roulette is a worse game, however. Not only that, but the game is actively giving you the chance to experience roulette in a brand new way that will make it enjoyable and fun for you to explore as you continue to play – so why not do it?

American roulette also features a brand new type of bet – this is a five-number bet where you place your wager on the two zeroes plus the numbers 1,2 and 3. The payout is pretty decent and many players enjoy this one.

Is one of the two roulettes actually better?

This is a good question. Players have been known to win at both games and consistently at that. It’s perhaps easier to get involved with European roulette. After all, there is a lower house edge that you have to worry about, and that is really something that you may find enjoyable when you come to think of it. Players who are new will have a blast when they are playing online and that is precisely why both versions can be appealing.

European offers a better house edge, which seems to make it easier to consistently win with a strategy such as Fibonacci and Martingale. Then again, you have slightly different American roulette rules, which means that you can try a few things that aren’t necessarily there. Also, the American version has a special surrender rule that will return you half of your money when you are betting on any number, but the zero, and a zero ends up on the wheel. 

This is a great way to mitigate some of your losses in the long-term and focus on placing more successful bets. So, to sum it all up, there really is no better version of the two. It mostly comes down to version availability and what you can pick right away. Of course, if you have a specific strategy in mind that you want to put into action, we recommend making sure that you choose the version of the game that will give you the highest possible chance of winning the game outright. Roulette can be a lot of fun – especially when you can pick your own version, so why not give it a proper go?

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