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“I love you” – Watch the amazing moment when a 13 week old girl seemingly speaks for the first time

We all know a Childs first words are pretty special and the sooner they learn to talk the sooner they will answer back, but for one couple in the UK their baby girl has defied the odds and spoke her first words at the age of just 13 weeks.

The young infant Ellie Reid, has caused a stir on social media recently after a specially made video of her has amazed parents and parents to be across the globe.

In the truly touching and breathtaking video th 13 week old baby can be seen mimicking her mothers words.

The remarkable moment came when Ellie’s mum Claire, decided to send her father, Grant, the following video message whilst he was away on a working trip.

In the video below little Ellie can be seen copying her mum when she says ‘I love you’. Although infants don’t usually talk until at least the age of 12 months, Ellie’s remarkable moment is made all the more impressive given that children don’t fully form sentences until the age of two.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk about his daughter’s beautiful moment Engineer Grant, who was staying in a hotel in Inverness when he received the video via Whatsapp, said: ‘I was working away in Inverness when Claire sent me the video. I couldn’t believe it. Ellie had just turned 13 weeks old when the video was taken so it really is unbelievable.

‘I watched the video and straightaway I said: ‘Oh my God’. I was just so shocked. You can see she is trying to copy what Claire is saying and it comes out so clear.’

Although Ellie has not spoken since the moment which occurred at the end of April, Ellie’s mum Claire said she is always responding to her with cute little noises when they interact.

Video Crd: Metro.co.uk

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