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Irish parents warned to mind children of ‘explicit’ TikTok challenge that gets around nudity censorship

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An online advocacy group has issued parental advice after being informed about a new “explicit” challenge running on TikTok.

As Belfast Live reports, the INEQE safeguarding group says it has been notified of a new challenge on TikTok, which may contain inappropriate content and is believed to have originally just started promoting fans’ content, reports The Mirror.

Known as the “Foopah” challenge, it involves users uploading “blink and you’ll miss it” nude images, but manages to bypass the platform’s detection by hiding in plain sight, reports The Mirror.

This is done in a variety of ways, the group explained, including exposure to the camera when it is obscured by various objects, or through reflections in mirrors or TV screens. Some users are taking advantage of the challenge by pretending to expose themselves in videos until they appear to be wearing clothes.

The challenge was attempted primarily by women and began to generate significant traction in February 2023. It is believed to have started as part of Only Fans creators’ strategies to grow their presence on TikTok.

INEQE Safeguarding Group’s Director of Operations, Hannah Paul said: “Unfortunately, this type of challenge on TikTok is not new. Our Online Safety team are made aware of challenges like ‘Foopah’ regularly. We find it deeply concerning that users are posting explicit content and attempting to avoid detection and moderation by TikTok. This exposes children and young people to risk. If you have children and young people in your care, I urge you to educate yourself on these types of challenges and platforms. The safer schools / Safer Schools NI offerings provide a wealth of information and advice on how you can not only educate yourself and your young people but empower them to make safer decisions,” reports The Mirror.

A TikTok spokesperson told the Irish Mirror: “Nudity and sexually explicit content is not allowed on TikTok. We take appropriate action against any content of this nature, including banning violative hashtags and removing videos. We continue to invest at scale in our Trust and Safety operations,” reports The Mirror.

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