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Irish skies will darken on March 20



People in Ireland will experience a near-total solar eclipse in the near future.

Up to 95% of the sun’s surface will be covered on March 20 next, bringing dusky conditions in the early morning.

The eclipse will be visible from 8.24am to 10.30am approximately, with darkness peaking at around 9:30am. Donegal is said to be the best location to watch the event.

People in more northern latitudes, like the Faroe Islands and the north of Norway will experience a full eclipse.

A total solar eclipse is a extraordinarily rare occurrence which only happens every 400 years.

A partial eclipse could be witnessed from Ireland in 1999, and the next one won’t happen until 2026.

People are advised not to look directly at the eclipse, as it can cause damage to eyesight. Instead, it is recommended to watch it through telescopes, or reflected on surfaces.

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