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Irish Water claim that there are over 30,000 pipe leaks


According to a report issued by Irish Water there are reportedly  over 30,000 pipe leaks on customer properties.

Irish Water estimate that over 46 million litres is lost through leaks every day. The company say that 7% of all meters read so far have indicated a leak, with most causes being internal plumbing, with toilet cisterns being the biggest cause. Irish Water say that they writing to inform customers them if they have found a leak. They also say if a leak happens to be found within the boundary of the property the customer or landlord will have to pay for the repair, however if the leak is found on an external pipe Irish Water will offer a free first repair. Irish Water claim they will prioritise repair works at properties with the largest leaks.

Meanwhile the Head of Asset Management, at Irish Water Jerry Grant  made a statement regarding the issue in which he said: “Significant investment over several years is needed to address weaknesses in our water system and tackling the high level of water leakage on both the public and customer side of the network is critical. “The metering programme is essential in helping us to fully understand our water demand requirements and where water is being lost. He went onto say: “Water is expensive to treat and the current situation where almost half the water treated is lost through leaks both on the network and customer properties is unsustainable,”.

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