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Irish Water – doomed after 80,000 protesters take over Dublin

A reported 80,000 people have taken to the streets of Dublin City centre to hold a number of protests against water charges this afternoon.

The latest rallies were held at Heuston Station and O’Connell Street and are the first demonstrations on to be held in almost six months. The latest protest will put further pressure on the government as the Irish public have yet again voiced their disapproval of the unfair charges. The latest protest is the first since it was confirmed that as many as 20 people could face charges as a result of a angry protest in Jobstown last year which saw the Tánaiste trapped in her car.

Meanwhile protester Mick Bates, who was also in Jobstown, attended today’s event to voice his disapproval of the charges and to say he wanted the current Government out. Mr Bates said: “This protest has gone way beyond water now…It’s really to remove this Government from power. A lot of people joined the protest because the water charge was the final straw for them. “It’s not only about water now – it’s about property tax, Universal Social Charge, you name it. There’s been so many kick downs and we’re not getting anything back. People just can’t afford to live anymore.”

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