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Irish Water: €400 fee for non-registered households

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On a day when the booming wrath of tens of thousands of voices still echoes through the country’s streets, a flurry of threats and thinly veiled ultimatums have begun to flow from both Government and Irish Water sources.

According to Irish Water, households and premises that fail to register with them face the prospect of a €400-plus euro annual fee, irrespective of the size of the property or how many people live in it.

This is the latest snipe from the Government’s own monstrous creation, a black hole-like entity that, if left unchecked, will drain the lifeforce of its maker.

Irish Water have reported that only about 800,000 customers have registered so far, out of a pool of about 1.65m households and premises.

The registration deadline has already been pushed once, to November 30.


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