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Isaac Burke ‘conducted’ his family in ‘chanting’ at school disciplinary hearing about brother Enoch, court hears

The High Court was told that Enoch Burke, his mother and sister Ammi were “conducted” in a loud “chanting” by their brother Isaac during a school board disciplinary hearing, which resulted in the decision to give Mr Burke a notice of dismissal was taken.

Chants included, “Where is John Rogers?” [the chair of the Wilson Hospital School Board who was ill during the Jan. 19 disciplinary hearing], said guidance counselor and board member Freda Malone, reports Irish Times.

All four Burke were so close to the desk where the board members sat that at one point, Ammi Burke’s hair “whipped me in the face”, she said, reports Irish Times.

“Isaac was trying to conduct them so they would shout together in time, they would shout things like, ‘who is this woman’, about me..’where is John Rogers’..”, she said. “It was absurd,” reports Irish Times.

In a meeting on 18 May to discuss what had happened at the staff meeting. Mr Burke spoke about his religious beliefs and opposition to “transgenderism” and asked McShane to withdraw her May 8 “demand”, Mr Galligan said.

She replied that it was a “respectful request, not a demand” and asked Mr. Burke how he would treat a transitional student if he had to take a class that included a transitional student or face an appeal. He didn’t answer her question directly and kept repeating that he was “a professional” and there was no questioning his professionalism, reports Irish Times.

Mr. Galligan said he attended a board meeting on August 15, 2022, when Chairman Mr. Rogers read a report regarding Mr. Burke prepared by Ms. McShane during step four of a disciplinary process.

He said the contents of the report were not discussed, but a meeting was set for August 22 to consider whether Mr Burke should be placed on paid administrative leave.

Mr. Burke attended that meeting at the school with sister Ammi. Mr Galligan said Mr. Burke raised several questions about the wording of the circular governing the disciplinary process, but did not directly state why he should not be placed on administrative leave.

The court was told Mr Burke said he never got a chance to complete his remarks to the board, the meeting was conducted in a “haphazard” manner and ended with the chairman storming out of the room.

Mr. Burke said that he told the meeting that what was being proposed was extremely serious, would leave a significant stain on his good name, and that Mr. Rogers repeatedly “ordered” him to take administrative leave, reports Irish Times.

Mr Galligan said there were health and safety concerns about what might happen to children attending when schools reopen in September. The concern was whether children, especially first-year students, might witness the disruption and protest.

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