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It’s official: According to new study, women are better drivers than men


There are some things that women are better at doing than men, and there are some things men are better at doing than women, with numerous examples being cited everyday by both sexes. But now it seems the ladies have the upper hand on their gentleman counterparts when it comes to sitting behind the wheel.

Yes! Sorry lads it seems the age old adjective is true, women are better at driving than men. The latest news which will surly have many female motorists bragging in their significant other’s for weeks and months ahead, comes after recent study which was conducted in the UK found that women are considered to be more careful and alert whilst driving around town.

According to the survey which was conducted by a leading UK insurance company, it is thought that only 13% of men thought their female counterparts were superior behind the wheel, whilst 28% of women believed they were better than their male counterparts behind the wheel. However the lads were in for a shock as the study which included a number assessments showed that women were better at performing a number different aspects whilst driving.

The extensive study assessed 200 drivers and 14 different aspects of driving – from observation to speeding, at Hyde Park Corner, London, The results showed that women comfortably outscored men by 23.6 points (out of a possible 30) compared to 19.8 for men when it came to awareness and controlling their speed.

The study also showed that more than a quarter of men were found guilty of tailgating, with many impatiently driving too close to other cars, whilst the study revealed only 4% of women were found guilty of tailgating.

There you have it ladies and gentleman if you ever wondered why your car insurance premiums are different it is down to the fact that women are deemed safer drivers. Never mind lads you will always be better at parking!

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