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It’s over – Professor Luke O’Neill announces that the Covid-19 pandemic is officially a thing of the past

Professor Luke O’Neill has declared the Covid-19 pandemic officially over.

The Trinity College immunologist, who has become one of the trusted voices in the three years since the coronavirus outbreak, said the “global nightmare” was over, reports Independent.

Speaking on The Pat Kenny Show, Professor O’Neill welcomed famed scientist Eric Topol’s announcement that the world has “finally entered an endemic phase”.

In his latest blog post, the scientist and author said that while the current XBB.1.5 version of the virus is dominant worldwide, no new version shows any growth advantage over it, reports Independent.

This meant the pandemic ‘is over’, Professor Neill said.

“You probably thought it was over already, did you? A very famous scientist Eric Topol, who is a real-world expert, announced the pandemic’s over – which is a great statement. What it means is, it is still here of course but it is endemic. Which means there will be the occasional outbreak here and there but not the global nightmare we have been through,” professor Neill said, reports Independent. 

He said many scientists have already felt that the pandemic is over.

Professor O’Neill describes the recent FBI announcement that he believes the virus originated in a Chinese government-controlled laboratory as “political”.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told Fox News last week that “the FBI has for quite some time now, assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident,” reports Independent.

This is the first public confirmation of the FBI’s confidential position; However, many scientists warn that there is no public evidence to support this, and many other US government agencies have come to different conclusions.

“There’s a chance of that – of course there is – that it broke out in a lab. Now it is not manmade, remember – there is no evidence it was engineered, that’s for definite. But it could have been a spill in a lab or in the wild – they are still both options. Why they can be declaring it was in a lab I don’t know. Unless they know things we don’t and they have evidence for that. I just suspect it’s political,” professor O’Neill said, reports Independent.

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