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Journal of an ex-pat living the London life


Having been living an working in London for almost 4 and a half years, I have come across my fair share of famous faces. Initially, I lived in Crouch End, home of the Actors. Stars of EastEnders were everywhere. Cliff Parisi (Minty), was often seen having a cheeky fag outside the pub. Myself and Tamsin Outhwhaite almost came to blows one day over a parking space, I bumped into her husband, Tom Ellis in the supermarket one day. It’s not only the EastEnders though, the new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi  was in Blockbuster Video one night as I was picking my film.

Being a huge fan of the brilliant TV shows, Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, I nearly wet myself one evening on the bus home from work. Boarding at Finsbury Park staton, was none other than John Simm. He sat a seat in front of me, which was class until fellow actor and star of Ashes to Ashes, Daniel Mays, randomly appended to get on the same bus and sat opposite, where the two proceeded to discuss in depth the 3rd series of Ashes to Ashes, which Mays was filming at the time. This was pure gold for someone like me…. The only other time I got so giddy was when I happened to be sitting in the departure lounge of Heathrow Terminal 1, engrossedly lip-syncing along to Travis on my iPod, when I looked up and saw none other than Fran Healy sitting opposite me on the phone…. I was dying to say hello and ask for a photo, but was just too awestruck… Hopefully next time…

Working in Knightsbridge is certainly a cool experience for a celeb spotter like myself. Not a week goes by when I don’t come across one of the many celebs who hang out in this extravagant part of town. With Harvey nicks and Harrods in close proximity, it is certainly a hot spot. Down the years, I have come across, footballers, golfers, singers and actors. Just today, I walked past none other than Maurice Micklewhite, (Michael Caine), disguised in an attempt to keeps low profile. Terence stamp seems to be every where I go, the tube, the bank, even the post office…

Footballers are the main people I run into. Faces like Saloman Kalou, Davor Suker, Steve Finnan, Ally McCoist, Michael Laudrup, even the Special one himself. Most seem happy to out and about and be spotted , most are alone. One person, though short on stature had a huge entourage accompanying him on a trip to Harrods. Rod Stewart had at least 6 people accompany him, mostly security, although nobody really noticed him until after they had spotted the eye candy on his arm…Penny Lancaster of course.

Then of course there was the really weird coincidence I had one weekend when flying home. On a lovely London Friday evening I was at City airport boarding my flight. I took my seat on the plane early and was waiting on the rest of the passengers to board. Being the proud Meath man I am, I was sitting with my Meath jersey on when on the plane steps former Meath minor player, and former Leinster and Ireland rugby legend Shane Horgan. I couldn’t hide my giddyness when the giant of a man sat in the seat directly in front of me. Imagine my utter disbelief when on my return flight, wearing my Leinster jersey that the big man was assigned the seat next to me………

……and I was still too embarrassed to even to say hello to him…. One day I hope….

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