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Do you have trust in Irish charities?


With recent revelations about fundraising going straight into “charity” directors’ pensions – do you feel confident that the money you throw into the bucket is going to the needy or just the down right “wanty”?

With a recent survey showing that up to 7/10 people feel they no longer can contribute to charities knowing what recent events have uncovered. They feel the money doesn’t go directly to their desired cause, and so are left with major reservations as to how to genuinely aid the given campaign.

One idea is to have online-only contributions. This way, the donator can track their money and it could lead to more electronic accountability in the future. Another is to make all charities not-for-profit.

The most disturbing thing about these findings is the fact that the beneficiaries were unaware of deep seeded the anchor of corruption was buried. Monies generously given by the public were essentially pocketed and the contributor unaware and the beneficiary losing out. It’s not fair, it’s not right and not one cent should be further donated until a proper accountability structure is implemented in charities across the board.

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