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Just six migrants are living in the entire Dublin 4 area of Dublin

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Only six of the 7,772 applicants for international protection placed by the state in the capital live in the Dublin 4 postcode area, reports The Mirror.

Figures provided by Integration Minister Roderick O’Gorman show that 21,387 people applying for IP across the country have been placed by the International Housing Service.

New figures provided to Deputy Nessie Hourigan in the Dáil’s written response show Dublin 4 is home to the fewest IP applicants in the capital.

A total of six compared to 589 for Dublin 1 which covers most of the north inner city and 581 for Dublin 3 which covers the East Wall, Clontarf and Fairview.

The most populated refugee area in the capital’s postcode, Dublin 22 is home to 1,780 IP applicants, with the Dublin 22 area covering Clondalkin, the Liffey Valley, Newcastle and Neillstown. Dublin 6 is home to 114 applicants, Dublin 8 – 211, Dublin 2 – 319, Dublin 5 – 56, Dublin 9 – 187, Dublin 11 – 287, Dublin 14 – 193, Dublin 15 – 411, Dublin 411 and Dublin 416 – 293 1,783 applying for IP in North County Dublin and 931 in South County Dublin.

Deputy Ivana Bakic, Labor leader and MP for Dublin Bay South, said she was “advocated a NPHET-style approach to providing housing for refugees”, reports The Mirror.

She added: “In Dublin 4, I have also suggested conversion of the Jury’s Hotel in Ballsbridge and the Baggot Street Hospital into accommodation,” reports The Mirror.

The Integration Department said the International Security Procurement Service is responsible for procuring sites for use by IPAS.

A spokesperson revealed that “the IPPS has received limited offers of accommodation in Dublin 4. However, the department welcomes offers from this area should a provider offer a suitable premises”, reports The Mirror.


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