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Kanye West rushed to hospital for emergency MRI scan

Kanye West

Kanye West, the man who referred to himself as the ‘best rock star on the planet’ and supposedly compared himself to Nelson Mandela, is in hospital in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia.

The 36-yr-old rapper was set to perform his last concert in Melbourne’s Telstra stadium when he collapsed. At 2pm, he was rushed to the emergency department of Epsworth hospital.

His security team helped the rapper from the ambulance to the hospital where he underwent an emergency MRI scan to determine whether there’s any serious problem.

The rapper, famous for his catchy tunes, became the figure of much hatred when he upstaged pop star Taylor Swift at the VMA’s where he grabbed the microphone and shouted Beyonce should have won.

He is also infamously married to reality tv star Kim Kardashian.

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