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“Kindness drawers” appear on Belfast street to help the homeless


A chest of drawers has been placed on Belfast’s Victoria Street packed full of clothes and toiletries to help out those in need. Generous donations have included brand new gloves, scarves and waterproof jackets to give to those who have to sleep rough.

Those responsible for this act of kindness are confident it is already being used in the right way.

“The people of Belfast have been filling it and filling it. We haven’t needed to manage it which was the aim of it and what we’ve heard from the outreach groups, the people who need to use it have been using it.” Kris Nixon, who is involved with the project, explained.

Michelle Stevenson from Help4Homeless commented: “We’re finding more in doorways, from Christmas it’s doubled in numbers. The kindness drawers are a good idea because during the day they can go and grab stuff because our team isn’t out until night time.”


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