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Madness and Mayhem – Celebrity Big Brother absolutely exploded last night


In what can only be described as on the of the most unbelievable reality TV episodes of all time, mayhem and absolute madness broke out in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

Megan McKenna celebrated some free alcohol in last night’s episode by saying what many on social media are also saying, and that is that John Partridge is two faced and a complete fake.

Partridge got caught up in the row when the 23-yr-old reality TV star shocked the Celebrity Big Brother housemates and viewers after she launched a foul-mouthed attack at Tiffany Pollard during Thursday night’s episode which resulted in her being issued with a formal warning by show bosses and actually restrained by security personnel at the end of the show in the Diary room.


Megan controversially labelled the US reality star, 34, ‘a ghetto c**t’ in the Diary Room, before members of the Channel 5 show’s security team were forced to enter the house and restrain her and try to calm her down.

The two girls almost came to blows when they came within inches of each other’s faces as the bedroom erupted into an explosive screaming match as the boys had to literally jump in and pull the fiesty housemates apart.

Tiffany earlier had a row with Gemma over Gemma taking back shoes she had given Tiffany for her birthday.

Meanwhile, Darren Day is now also second-guessing what John’s real motives are, and Dublin’s very own Jeremy is “acting the lad” as one social media user eloquently put it with Steph.

One thing is for sure, this series has gotten unbelievably high ratings certainly are for pure TV entertainment gold moments

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