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Major opposition to “Creches, Behind Closed Doors” from being aired on RTE tonight

There’s been widespread opposition to a controversial documentary which will be aired tonight on RTE One television.

The RTE investigates team went deep undercover in a Dublin creche chain to see how they operate “behind closed doors” with their children that they are caring for

The documentary, which is called “Creches, Behind Closed Doors”, will see their team record how some of the workers operate and will see interactions between them, parents and children.

It airs tonight on RTE One at 9:30pm.

Although it’s been met with much acclaim for those wishing to see just what exactly could go on when they leave their little ones and go off to work, many creches workers themselves are dead against it fearing that people will tar every creche with the same brush.

A Facebook post has gone viral as a result which reads:
“RTE conducted an undercover investigation into the childcare sector. They are bringing out a documentary on a crèche on Wednesday night. For anyone who is going to watch it just please don’t paint every other early years educator, playgroup, pre-school or crèche with the same brush is all I ask. I love my job and the place where I work! ? The majority of educators love their jobs and the children they care for. We treat them like our own. The hours are long and the pay is low, but it’s all worth it when you go in and see the children happy. ? Just please be aware of this, is all I’m asking.

Early years educators copy and paste.”

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